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The Race for the 8th Spot


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1. Detroit

2. New Jersey

3. Indiana (Indiana will have a better record then NJ, but NJ wins a division and so they get homecourt)

4. New Orleans

5. Milwaukee (who saw that coming?!)

6. New York

7. Toronto

8. Cleveland




1. Los Angeles (Lakers, like the clippers ever had a shot?)

2. Minnesota (division winner)

3. Sacremento

4. San Antonio

5. Dallas

6. Houston

7. Portland

8. Denver


Lakers over Pistons

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To see Miami in the playoffs again would be enough for me. If they can stay healthy in the playoffs, they could even go deep.

I agree I would love to see the Heat in the playoffs because once they get there you never know what can happen(ie Marlins :D )

So heres to hoping that we can feel the heat come playoff time :cheers

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Well anyways, Miami will only make the playoffs by one condition.........THEY LEARN TO CLOSE OUT GAMES.


They have the talent, they have the passion but they need the endurance. Monday's game is a perfect example, up by about 6 start of the 4th and the Blazers go on a 14-0 scoring run.


Not finishing games is their only weakness I would say, as long as they stay healthy. Their schedule also favors them so that's a good thing.


Let's see what happens. Go Heat!

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Well, considering no team important to the Heat (besides Cleveland, who finally lost tonight) has won a game since the All-Star Break, does this remind anyone else of the NL Wild Card Race around August, when the Marlins lost like 10 out of 11 or something, and gained half a game in the race?


Hopefully, the Heat take this gift and put in even more effort, so that they can make it in by a comfortable margin. I hope they don't bank on all these other teams collapsing.


By the way, New York, Philly, Boston, Cleveland, and Toronto have now combined for 22 losses in a row. Awesome.

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