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Blue Collar Comedy Tour


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just watched the DVD in it's entirety (for some reason I think I spelled that wrong). Amazing. They are hilarious. Nothin else to it. Hilarious. I already knew the "here's your sign" deal, and of course the "you might be a redneck..." bit. And I already knew Admin the Cable Guy from radio in Central Florida, but I didn't know Ron White. He was damn funny.

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The best part about Foxworthy is when he went through his whole phase of refusing to do those redneck jokes. He'd do interviews and talk about how that period of his life is over and then they'd ask him to do a couple and he'd cross his arms and not do them.


Foxworthy must either really hate himself right now, or have a penchant for selling out. I'm a big fan of Bill Hicks myself. No one hates more than that guy (too bad he's dead).


I'm not really a fan of the gimmick comedians, where they have the same old bits, though. That's what was so good about Kings of Comedy, those guys don't do standard bits or catchphrases. Neither does Chappelle.


Check out Hicks if you're into that sort of thing (Lenny Bruce is another good one).

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Ron 'Tater salad' White?


Probably out right now getting arrested for being 'drunk in pub-lik.'


That show was fantastic!

unbelievable. tater salad. HAHA!


And his son, tater tot (covered in moles). Actually, that's Admin the Cable Guy's sister who's covered in moles.


I have the DVD and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour CD, so i can enjoy the show on the go. Also have the new Ron White CD, "Drunk in Public". Hysterically funny stuff.

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