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Could anyone see...


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...If during the late-stages of election, let's assume it's somewhat close with Kerry in the lead (slightly), it comes down to, oh, I don't know, one of the last states (Florida) and then President Bush calls a press conference...


Where, in front of the world, he reveals "We've done it, we've done it," we've finally found Osama Bin Laden. Where he then drags Osama in front of the camera by a chain around his neck (yeah, right) and shows the world that America has won the good fight and will officially avenge 9/11.


Bush's popularity skyrockets and he wins the race and is president for four more years.


Does anybody see this scenario possibly happening?

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Bin Laden in my honest opinion has been dead sometime


-Only the CIA asserts that those audio tapes are real

-He used to appear on TV all the time but now only old clips of him do

-Al Qaeda appears far less organized


All Bush has to do is release the evidence of his death, close to spetember maybe, and he will win. Hell, if Kerry is running he's winning anyway.

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