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  1. HaloRedFever


    I'm sorry, but Marissa is NOT hot at all, she looks like a sick little boy! :thumbdown
  2. The good thing is that Espn baseball will be $10 bucks cheaper than the other games No it won't, where'd you hear that false info.? :mischief2
  3. HaloRedFever


    I only watch it for the two smoking hot chicks on it...wooo-weee! :notworthy Two? Well, since the short blonde haired girl left, there's only the black haired girl and the hot mom with the red hair. Other than that, the rest of them look like total dogs, LMAO! :thumbdown
  4. HaloRedFever


    I only watch it for the two smoking hot chicks on it...wooo-weee! :notworthy
  5. But why are they insulting our intelligence and pretending that the first "Punisher" never happened? It came out in the early 90's and it starred Luis Gosset JR. and Dolph Lundgren, LMAO BWHAHAHA! :banghead
  6. "ESPN MLB" has been pushed back to April 16th now, the original release date was this Wednesday but they were forced to delay that release date for some reason. So maybe the commercials will be coming out closer to the release date, the "MVP" commercials didn't start until the week the game was released. :mischief2
  7. My friend and I are going to see this tonight, I hope it's good! :mischief2
  8. I saw this movie last night and boy was it terrible! It had no plot, no story, the script was terrible and the actors were crap. The only good thing about this movie was seeing the two hot chicks' boobs. They only showed them twice, and both times were very brief...but it kept me awake, LMAO! And when the guy said, "We're going to the mall" my friend and I started laughing, that was the worst line in a movie EVER! The original was so much better, "Night of the Living Dead" and "28 Days Later" are still my faves....DO NOT GO SEE "DAWN OF THE DEAD!" :thumbdown :thumbdown
  9. So far I've played 2 games with the Angels against Seattle and we're 2-0. But I have yet to get a strikeout or a homerun, this game is really tough. I only have it on pro, I can't imagine what it's going to be like on the next highest difficulty level, yikes!
  10. In fairness, no one in modern memory has changed the way managers approach an entire lineup like Barry. Sure, there are allegations, but you are innocent until proven guilty, so how about remembering him as the most feared hitter, maybe ever. He's the reason that there was an outcry to change the intentional walk rule: think about that... Still though, 90% of the world will be thinking like I am...Bonds isn't doing so well in the public's eyes right now and he's always going to have an asterisk too. Whether it be in the Hall of Fame or just in everybody's minds...he will always have a tarnished image unless he comes clean and submits to a test! :thumbup
  11. Also here's another way to look at how they'll both be remembered, this is the first thing that comes to just about everybody's mind when they think of these two: Ruth - greatest baseball player ever. Bonds - everyone thought he used steroids. :mischief2
  12. I really like the pitch meter and the throw meter for your outfielders, those are two things that I've never seen on a Baseball video game before. I'm starting to warm-up to 'MVP' slowly, I still can't hit a homerun though...I really hate the 'Pure Swing System!' It makes things too hard, you should just swing away and only have to worry about getting your cursor over the ball and getting your timing down like in 'WSB2K'. But in this game you don't even have to worry about a cursor, you just have to worry about your timing, I guess it aims your bat for you automatically? It's such a huge difference to have to adjust to, oh well, gotta get back to playing some more now, LOL! :thumbup
  13. I just got done playing my first game in the "Dynasty Mode" and boy was it hard. I cannot pitch worth crap and I certainly don't know how to hit a homerun either. When I played the other day in an exhibition game I was blasting homers with Vladdy everytime he came up to bat. But now that I started a "Dynasty Mode" and put it on "Pro" difficulty level...I can't even hit a double. Anybody know what direction you're supposed to pull your swing to hit it out of the park? I need some tips because I'm dying here, I wanna start hitting some bombs! :mischief2 I did however win my first game with the Angels...we came back and beat the Mariners 9-7 in 10 innings, woo-hoo! :thumbup
  14. Why in the World would the Dolphins want that d*uchebag? I lived in AZ while he played for the Cards and he was nothing but trouble. He was always getting arrested for Drug use, abuse...all sorts of police matters...and then the same thing happened in S.D. too! Trust me, you guys don't want this tool, he'll do nothing but cause trouble in Miami...he's trash and he always will be! :thumbdown :banghead :mischief2
  15. :tv_happy This show sucked last season, but this season has been hilarious...one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV was "I'm Rick James B!tch!" :afro and the episode where Prince played Baskteball. I watched 'Undercover Brother' last night, Dave Chappelle was hilarious in that movie too, I love that guy! "You know what they say...behind every black man..." -Eddie Griffin/Undercover Brother "Is the Police!" -Dave Chappelle/Conspiracy Brother
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