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  1. Are they not paying Don and Miguel Rojas?
  2. Now why him, out of curiosity? Jays are really close to playoff contention.
  3. I don't mean to ignore the whole subject of this thread but they are going to approach him soon about an extension that will cut through his arbitration years and a couple free agency seasons. That said we're probably looking in the $7M+ range, given the deal Senzatela just got.
  4. We need to move the left field wall in if we want any right handed bats to be successful here. Lol (Not entirely true - just need better right handed hitters)
  5. I agree about the gaps, but has the humidor really dampened the balls that much to make Coors a "better" park to pitch in? Still appears to have a tooooon of homers. Ain't helping much.
  6. I know it's Red Sox / Yankees, but I am loving this crowd. Proper playoff baseball is back.
  7. @SongInTheAir nailed it in the thread for this signing. Rockies will always have to overpay for pitchers and Senzatela isn't *bad* either. Decent enough deal for them.
  8. That'd be a Big signing.
  9. He's just trying to get the Southern California job.
  10. An odd one but they're also working on a CJ Cron extension. Just a new GM looking to make things happen, not a bad thing I'd say.
  11. Bartolo Colon is still pretty big.
  12. JD Martinez off the Red Sox ALWC roster due to his ankle injury.
  13. First sacking of the year. @Das Texan is pleased.
  14. "Marlins sign Sandy Alomar Jr. to a 4 year $80M contract." Mish: "Why????" FO: "Marlins fans wanted Sandy A!"
  15. For sure. TV and ballpark naming rights money now in, could be exciting this offseason. Like I said before, extensions at least could be done during the playoffs. So they need to be on that immediately.
  16. We already have those, now she can focus on finding an over-30 outfielder who can barely hit his weight.
  17. Let's wait til the actual offseason. Since that's when we can actually sign anyone. (Although the wheels need to be rolling on some extensions right away)
  18. Go Rays. Backup would be White Sox. Don't care for any NL team to win it this year.
  19. Have you heard of our Lord and Saviour Castellanos?
  20. I hope you called him a hypocrite as well for showing up. Lol
  21. Marlins Man and Loud Marlins Fan are sitting next to each other. Lol
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