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  1. Ah, one of those "I played in college so I know more than you" types. Leave that shit at the login screen.
  2. Why do people think third base is so easy to just start playing? Lol. I remember people suggesting Ozuna play third on here for a couple years when we still had Marisnick. Alfaro has the best arm on the team, obviously, because he's been trained as a catcher. But is Anderson's that far behind? I don't think so. We've seen him in right field. He can sling it. Now how about reactions? That's more important than straight up athleticism. Reactions and range don't come quick. Anderson should have a much higher chance of sticking around than Alfaro at this point. Whether he should be extended is a different matter entirely, but Alfaro needs to be higher on the list to be shipped out.
  3. Nope. Can't hold on to a player with the hopes they develop trade value.
  4. I think I'd be fine having Alfaro as the backup catcher. If he's playing once a week rather than 4 to 7 times a week, he might be more bearable.
  5. Ya know ... I think we draft decent enough hitters, but it's really coming down to whatever the organization's philosophy is with hitting. Maybe it's one of those "give it enough time and it'll work" things but it ended up being installed waaay late in this rebuild. If we could have had this philosophy started in 2018 or 2019, maybe things are a bit different, maybe guys are clicking with it ... who knows for sure. Hopefully next year something works out ...
  6. First time I'd seen him personally so I can't refute or affirm this one. But if it wasn't as sharp as normal, that's a good thing, because it still looked pretty good.
  7. I know, what the hell has Buster Posey ever done?
  8. Michael


    No. I only wrote the one article last year February.
  9. Mainly 2014 really. They don't win that one without him. Can't entirely say the same for the other two but was still important there.
  10. Apples and oranges, bud.
  11. So that'd be a 2022 season ending injury at this point.
  12. Pros of his debut: Through 6.1, absolutely amazing stuff last night. A lot of soft contact. Attacked the zone with confidence all night. He had Soto off balance basically the entire time. Cons: Started relying very heavily on his change-up late. He was leaving it high a lot but it worked earlier in the game when he was throwing the fastball more. When he started doubling and tripling up on it late, it got hammered. Overall ... learning experience for him, but I'm very excited for his future here.
  13. Alright, Ed's done and so am I. Goodnight y'all.
  15. Take Pitches, Get Bitches That was my motto.
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