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  1. I hope you called him a hypocrite as well for showing up. Lol
  2. Marlins Man and Loud Marlins Fan are sitting next to each other. Lol
  3. I'll mostly agree with this. Some of the guys we got started to turn it around later in the year but that could be attributed to pitchers getting worn down. Stottlemyre should be the only one given a lengthy contract here. Him and other pitching development guys. Mattingly is 100% on a lame duck contract here unless the team ends up being amazing in 2022. Like 95+ wins amazing with a deep playoff run.
  4. @SonOfJack Pablo "opening" so might be two innings.
  5. I'd say no honestly. Could be on an innings limit for the day. But you have til Sunday to decide at least.
  6. Look at Trevor Rogers' numbers for 2020. That is all.
  7. But you're Jeter. Why do you have a burner?
  8. The team has had only 29 seasons. We can count to 29 and at least two were great!
  9. Michael

    NL Wild Card

    They no longer do but I mean, it was great for a looong time. May be still?
  10. Wait is he going to actually retire or Joe Frisaro retire where he does the exact same thing but under a different heading?
  11. About 10 years too late, really.
  12. See, the front office looked at the current team and said, "this is Better" but as it went, they looked and said "I Can't Believe It's Not Better"™️
  13. With all these factors you've just mentioned ... ... there are no excuses. 🙂 Could be a very exciting offseason.
  14. Michael


    500 points to Gryffindor.
  15. Michael


    I shall give you benefit of the doubt here but the first complaint of a slow offseason means into the wine cellar for you.
  16. Michael


    No you're not.
  17. Honestly, Brigman. I know we've got just a week left but for fuck's sake, what does the guy have to do? Even if he struggled, at least we'd know. Lol
  18. Michael


    Again, let people do what they want in this situation. It should not affect you. lol
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