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  1. This is on the Jumbo Shrimp, not the Marlins. (But also on the Marlins)
  2. Stop being such a victim because people get on you for leaving the fandom and then trolling us for the last five to ten years.
  3. 1.618 is the golden ratio and also the title of an Allegaeon song (about the golden ratio).
  4. Provide the posts! (I'm joking of course)
  5. When? Provide 33 posts when you said this.
  6. Tried to win the game and expected Posey to be blocking the plate. It would have been close if he caught it properly.
  8. That's the thing, we've got the pitchers now. Now we need the bats. Lol.
  9. JJ got hurt and ended up missing the rest of the year, and once the ace was gone ... we did carry it on for a little bit, but yeah, that was more or less the turning point. Staff started to crumble. Offense forgot how to score. Naturally it came to when Stanton started to slump, so did the entire offense.
  10. "Are you going to accept his apology?" "Nah I don't think I have to." Still irks me to this day.
  11. I'll have to disagree with this one, although I entirely get where you're coming from. Team has shown it can develop starting pitching very well, to a point where we could have a World Series worthy rotation with ample backup at the start of next year. They could and probably should place some of those starters into the bullpen next year as multi-inning high-leverage relievers along with some spot starts - if we have a "bullpen" game next year, I'll feel a LOT more comfortable doing so with guys who can at least piggy-back 3-4 innings each with some success. With that in mind, the front office must spend and sign players for next year and attempt to get this offense rolling, for the sake of those pitchers (and all of us). So many one and two run losses this year simply because our pitchers have kept us in games. On top of that, the spending has to occur because they need to give the fans SOME sort of hope for next season. It will be year five of the rebuild with an accidental and lucky playoff run (sorry, guys, I have to call it that at this point). And if not spend, make trades! Use some of that incredible starting pitching depth. That's at such a premium these days, might even be able to do 1-for-1's and get some bats. Now that the team has more money rolling in from TV and naming rights and other deals coming in along the way, spending has to happen. Fans need a reason to go. The fans will commit to the team if the front office does with sustainability. I will blame absolutely nobody if they want to jump ship in the offseason if nothing serious happens towards improving this ballclub, and part of that includes the coaching staff. Changes will have to be made. The only coach I would NOT be OK with leaving is Stottlemyre.
  12. Go as long as possible and secure a higher pick, leggo.
  13. We went over that already. Please read posts. Thank you. ❤️
  14. Michael


    No. They failed here for years before being converted to a reliever. Vesia was given less than five innings here.
  15. Michael


    If only someone on this website knew how good he could be!
  16. Yes, I know why I chose 1.618. Cause I'm a nerd. And it's also an amazing track by the band Allegaeon.
  17. Michael

    Guess the GIF

    An incredibly underrated movie that came out in the last few years.
  18. And he's not done growing or filling out. His fastball is touching upper 90s already, imagine just a little more muscle behind that pitch ... A slow and controlled weight increase over a couple years ... might be amazing.
  19. Very likely a Loria signing, I agree.
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