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  1. There are still players who are active who haven't had the vaccine shots so not sure what your mindset is here. Sure, there are benefits in place for the players/teams who get it to a high enough rate but the league hasn't said "get it or you're suspended until you do." I'd say currently they have the right to do as they please in that regard. As it is, Tatis appears to be alright - he had four hits yesterday with two homers. 🤷‍♂️ So perhaps he is able to hold off on this surgery until the offseason.
  2. Also didn't I say Tatis moving to the outfield might be a good idea? Along with Jazz ... lol.
  3. Player has to decide on his surgery too if he wants to get it. No lawsuit really could be made, I don't believe.
  4. Nope, my article is now validated!
  5. An idea. If we were to, somehow, sign a Kris Bryant type to play third ... What about Andy getting 4-5 starts a week and moving around the field? I'd feel comfortable having him be a utility fielder (especially over Isan although he's not been ... terrible?), plus Andy can play more spots (1B, 2B, 3B, RF at the least, could probably even play LF). Could work out for platoon situations, giving guys a day off (if actually needed, no Donnie days off), etc. It's an idea. I'm also fine with him just being out starting 3B for a hot minute. 🙃
  6. Michael


    It's kind of like when you turn on the TV and a decent movie is on and you're like "yeah I'll watch it, that's fine."
  7. Michael


    I'm fine with it. I won't seek it out at any point outside of that.
  8. Michael


    It's a once a year thing.
  9. If they see the parents doing that, they believe it's correct. And then it passes down through the generations.
  10. If you let the ice cream melt, it can become ice cream flavored syrup.
  11. Have you tried being an adult and just making Waffles instead?
  12. Soulad in the Spring Saloup in the Fall
  13. The point stands - he still hasn't been given the same opportunities yet. He hasn't earned them, mind you, but he hasn't had them.
  14. Oh yeah, he sure is. Screw it, get him.
  15. Michael


    Now as much as I said "let's wait and see" on Luzardo in my last post, I agree with this. We've got so many starting pitching prospects in a time when starting pitching is probably the MOST valuable thing in the sport ... we've really got to start using some of that to get bats. Like I said before, we can't have 12 aces on the staff. lol
  16. Michael


    Let our pitching development crew work with him over an offseason and then we'll see how he is next year. Remember when Pablo first came up, he wasn't all that great. Now? Injuries aside, pretty good! Look at what this group has done with guys like Zach Thompson. Even Cody Poteet looks viable when he's on the mound for us. Let them work their magic on Luzardo. Too much talent there to let it go to waste.
  17. Not a bad option but I think I'd just stick with BA in that case honestly.
  18. Nope hold on to everyone forever. Bring back Chris Aguila dammit.
  19. Still better than 99.9% of the population at the game.
  20. Harrison hasn't had nearly the opportunities they have, though. Yes he's looked bad, I know, and AAA ain't much better, but c'mon meow. Cut after next season if he hasn't figured anything out by then.
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