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  1. Incorrect use of "your/you're". 2.21 minute ban.
  2. I do believe that was a Beinfest signing, friend.
  3. No continued bashing of other members. 2.1 minute ban.
  4. No bashing other members. 2 minute ban.
  5. They need to lower club control years to 4 at most, especially if they implement a salary floor. Guy goes to college and is drafted high, debuts at 23 but it's after a certain point of the year so now he's not a free agent til 30, 31. Drafting team essentially gets a guarantee at most of his prime. Drop it down to 4 years control, especially without that service time manipulation option, same guy goes to free agency at 27, 28. Much better. Imagine if Juan Soto was going to be a free agent next year? Holy balls.
  6. The baddest assest moneyest anyone ever did seeest.
  7. Harper got more than 3x as much for a signing bonus (which effectively made MLB set the cap).
  8. Sometimes you're honest.
  9. You're always lying.
  10. No, stop doing that right now.
  11. 4.35 and 1.1 in AAA. 4 innings in MLB. Let's just stop that right now. Lol
  12. Michael


    That sounds good.
  13. I think draft picks shouldn't have a ranking until they've played at least a third of a season's worth of games. After 6-8 weeks you should be able to see how good he is. I feel the same for College Football rankings. Don't start to do em til Week 6. Lol.
  14. At least it actually MEANS something now if our draft pick gets placed at the top of our list. I remember the days when our first rounder every year immediately became our top prospect ...
  15. Ok fine, I still think it should be a progressive increase.
  16. $100M is fine but get there over a few years. Don't make it immediate. There are five teams with payrolls under $30M this year. Maybe make it $55M in 2022, $70M in 2023, $85M in 2024 and $100M in 2025.
  17. I thought it'd be a better idea to leave him in Low-A to finish the season since it's almost complete, but alright! Congrats to Eury on the promotion. Is Beloit in a potential playoff spot? Eury could be reinforcement for the rotation. Hmm.
  18. Very possible. Believe he got a 25 game suspension for that in 2014?
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