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  1. The more appropriate question is who didn't kill me?
  2. Come hitters and pitchers, Come batters and hurlers, Come sluggers and slingers, Hitting fastballs and throwing curlers. From sandlots to streetplots, From country to city, From backyards to schoolyards, Play hard and play gritty. Oh young ones and old ones, And all you in between, Just cheer all you fish fans, And, Marlins, win one for me! - Charlie TV: Sun Sports Radio: WQAM 560, WQBA 1140 (Sp.) Johan Santana: 7-6, 2.91 ERA @ Byung-Hyun Kim: 3-3, 5.22 ERA Hello, chickadees. I've come to help.
  3. Don't think I forgot about you. Charlie's always rooting for you, boys. Always. Keep up the good work.
  4. I like how you youngsters play. Keep up the good work. We're all rooting' for ya.
  5. Greetings my little chickadees. I abound with positivity.
  6. Remember the lesson of last night, grasshoppers.
  7. Rally Hough, can you keep us in this game? we need all the help we can get. 831403[/snapback] Much like forest fires, only YOU can prevent losses. Take it upon yourself like The Marlin Man has. Add to his drop of water, and let the trickle become a torrent.
  8. it takes wisdom to see wisdom. praise from the praiseworthy is above all rewards.
  9. I'm behind rally hough! or atleast in the shadows of his knuckle :lol 831355[/snapback] bless you, son. so it begins. it takes but a single drop of water to start the waterfall.
  10. a bump in the road, little cherubs. the path is long and arduous yet the journey is far from over. fear not. i have come to shelter you in the long shadow of my knuckles.
  11. alright you whippersnappers, shapeup. i need some confounded enthusiasm from you kids! this board needs some energy! i am old, really really old, but i'm here to to rile you up! these are your marlins now let's hear it for them!!!!!!!
  12. dar dar dar. i'm charlie hough. i demand a marlins win.
  13. Greetings Marlins faithful. Be comforted to know that Josh has my countenance tonight. 802617[/snapback] What's up old man? The Marlins need a replacement for Leiter....can you still throw the knuckleball? 802621[/snapback] Last one I threw, ripped my knuckles right out. Old bones, ya know.
  14. Greetings Marlins faithful. Be comforted to know that Josh has my countenance tonight.
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