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  1. Would luv if they brought in Matt Wieters
  2. Will see but honestly he hasn’t been that impressive..
  3. Honestly if Jose Devers keeps hitting the way he is hitting if I’m the Marlins I try and move Anderson and have Devers as the 3B of the future.. sure you definitely lose power but Devers seems to be a overall better hitter then Anderson..
  4. I’m excited if this is true..
  5. Game never should have been played with turner being positive..
  6. The new billy costume is still horrendous
  7. Lord just keep dugger down or better yet release him.
  8. God how this guy has a job I have no clue. He’s a utter moron..
  9. Urena should not be in this years rotation
  10. The real Pablo finally showing up again these last few games.. mans damn Yamamoto is just traaaaaaaassssh
  11. Dugger needs to be shipped out of town..
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