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  1. Wouldn’t say great D, good maybe. Power comes in spurts and the low batting average is absolutely terrible.. again decent 4th OF for a contender but other then that he should not be starting other then a start here and there to relive the actually starting OFers
  2. I’d trade Duvall to be honest, he’d make a good 4th OF but should not be a full time starter.
  3. mk613


    Get some pitching for a player that’s so far failing to live up to his hype
  4. mk613


    Anyone think the Marlins Should look into trading for Robles?? still young and maybe he can put it together with a change of scenery
  5. Quick note De La Cruz middle name is Starling Starling De La Cruz!! Lol
  6. Wouldn’t that be something if he resigned with us in the offseason. Pipe dream but hey nice to dream some times
  7. Controller, mouse,keyboard,touch screen in all of those ways to play games I can’t envision how someone can break their pinkie finger 🤣
  8. I mean even then your fingers are on the back of the controller what in the world would cause a pinkie break? Lmao
  9. How the hell do your break your pinkie playing video games?
  10. Oh remodeling is that what we are calling to now 😅
  11. Keep him trade coop
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