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  1. Wish them both luck and hope to see both in a Marlins uniform next season.
  2. Terrible simply terrible 3 strikeouts after the lead off triple so sad. New hitting coaches needed ASAP
  3. Lead off triple and trash at bats after that
  4. Nice to see Henry with his first mlb hit.
  5. Jazz’s Defense is just terrible and he doesn’t hit well enough to make up for it like Tatis.
  6. I’d take Marte back over brinson,Sierra,Harrison,Alfaro,etc a outfield of Cruz,Sanchez and Marte would be nice
  7. If Sanchez can get that average up and de la Cruz keeps hitting the wya he is at least two outfield spots seen in good hands..
  8. De la cruuuuzz missile!!
  9. Mattingly is a idiot.. he blew the game with that stupid defensive shift
  10. Will see small ass sample size. It’s like with brinson peeps getting all excited over like a week of good and then boom he comes back down to earth.. hoping Luzardo doesn’t do that and continues to improve.
  11. That’s pretty much been the story of him since he’s been here, can see why the A’s gave up on him.
  12. He’s gotta show something then, might be a small sample size but I have not been impressed so far… and honestly that’s whats it’s been with a lot of the young Marlins hitters are jus unimpressive…they occasionally flash something but are soooo inconsistent..
  13. They just need to be more consistent
  14. It’s a Marlins W
  15. Thompson experiment let’s see how this goes
  16. Inning like this is another reason why this team is so frustrating
  17. Bet lazardo wondering where were all these runs when he was in lol..
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