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  1. oh, my bad. i thought we were takling bout kiko :S
  2. also Nunez looked good in the 8th, he could be a nice fit there. Could be a nice fit in the 9th, if you ask me. He impresses me more than Lindstrom, to be honest. He's a lefty. Its kinda wierd to see a L as a closer.
  3. Those 2 ks by N??ez were nice, that changup is so much effective than T. Tankersley slider.
  4. I don't want to sound like this, but today was the game in this series that we kinda were supposed to win. I'm impressed with the way our rotation has pitched, absolutely amazing every single pitcher. but tomorrow will be Lowe vs Sanchez. We should have the disadvantage, but if Anibal can become the Anibal of 2006, I believe we have a very good chance to win. Great game, great handling of the rotation and the bullpen so far by Fredi, and overall happy times in Florida right now! tomorrow is a big test for us, if we win, that will be a huge morale booster for the team, and i could see us going on a very long winning streak if we do pull of the win against Lowe. Tomorrow is Andrew Miller vs. Lowe. An?bal is going to pitch the final game of the series.
  5. G Anderson 14 Ks in a row. And V?zquez is no Johan Santana.
  6. Activated INF/OF Alfredo Amezaga from the 15-day disabled list. Optioned INF Andy Gonzalez to Triple-A New Orleans. So Amazing Am?zaga is back. : D Did Andy Gonz?lez have an at bat? Rick and Proctor are still on the DL.
  7. We should focus on those 14 Ks by Santana. Bonifacio: 1K Maybin: 2K Ram?rez: 2K Helms: 2K Uggla: 2K Hermida: none Ross: 1K Paulino: 1K Johnson: 3K but i don't care. hes a pitcher and he played a GREAT game.
  8. Now, I'm in argentina, and I watch them on MLB.tv. I watch nearly 90% of the games. Usualy I cant watch daygames cause I'm at work. And some games in september are the ones I miss. For example, last year a watched Lo Duca in 2 games. :s That part of the year when the season starts boring me, but over the last week I pay attention again. When I was living in Fl i used to watch all games on FSN, Sun Sports, Pax, etc. Sometimes I used to have dinner at my bedroom if the marlins were in the middle of a rally.
  9. Nico

    Pick The First

    Hit - Hermida Double - Uggla Triple - Volstad HR - Cant? +1 RBI - Ross Run Scored - Baker Stolen Base - Hanley Ram?rez Caught Stealing - Maybin Error - Bonifacio Win - Pinto 1
  10. luckyly he was not traded at deadline for Manny Ram?rez. we would have lost both players by today.
  11. Josh Willingham. Oh, he's not with the marlins anymore.... I voted for Am?zaga, but I think it will be Gaby S?nchez.
  12. I would like to have 2 fast guys on top of the lineup, like in the old days with Pierre and Castillo.
  13. I don't know, and I do not care. I think that jersey is overated. Its just a number, who cares...
  14. There would be an interleague game everyday. thats why there are two more teams on the NL.
  15. True, Maradona does love Tevez, but not more than his son-in-law Kun Aguero. HAHA. Right, how could I have forgotten! Blood is thicker than water. You know it's hard enough keeping up with all of the leagues and players wihtout having to remember who's linked to whom. Im already predictiing the grandchild to be the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034. He was born like 4 days ago, and Boca, Independiente and Atl?tico are already pushing for him. Benjam?n Leonel Ag?ero Maradona. I hope he becomes a better player than L?pez Maradona, who played like 3 games for AAAJ.
  16. Nico


    If we keep this pace, we should be around the .500. Maybe a little more. 4/5 games behind the Wild Card. At least better than last year, when we were not able to defeat the Nats.
  17. Whe should have a solid 3rd starter asap. We will not be able to beat the Mets, the Cards or the D-backs with this guys. Is it craaaaazy to move Pinto to a starting role? Now I'm missing Jason Vargas and Yusmeiro Petit. Jason who? Yusmeiro who? A guy who isn't even in the big leagues (Vargas), and the DBacks long reliever who currently has an ERA over 6 (Petit). Wow...I'd rather have Nolasco and Badenhop. Just watch Nolasco and Badenhop, and be patient. Miller...who knows? Personally, I think Miller still needs to develop in the minors. As for Pinto, he's very valuable from the pen. Yes, I know both of them are not aces. But Nolasco has a 6.46 ERA, The Hopper a 7.00 and Miller a 9.68. I was just thinking of possible starters that we let go. Petit was traded for Julio... And where is Byung-Hyun Kim? I do not like him, but he can be the 5th starter until the others get ready. Oh, I forgot Jason Wood, he pitched one perfect inning last year.
  18. Whe should have a solid 3rd starter asap. We will not be able to beat the Mets, the Cards or the D-backs with this guys. Is it craaaaazy to move Pinto to a starting role? Now I'm missing Jason Vargas and Yusmeiro Petit.
  19. I'm happy for Uggla, he is close to be the man from last year. Although he is still striking out a lot. He should be more patient on the plate. It's weird, half of the rotation can pitch 6/7 innings (Olsen and Hendrickson), the other half is not able to throw strikes. Oh, the Mets did not win. Neither the Phillies
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