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  1. Why would you want to trade Bour in the first place?.He has good production and could come at a good price
  2. Hope we can send Tazawa to the minors for a few months to work on things, then bring him back
  3. He will be traded soon for nothing, don't worry.
  4. I'm convinced Mattingley is either high or drunk during these games.And he looks hungover every post game interview
  5. Even in that bad start Chen looked decent.I'm all for keeping him
  6. Well the next thing we need to do this off-season even though he has one year left is sign Castro to another extension.Around 2/18 and solidify SS.
  7. The more I looked at the game, Chen actually didn't pitch horrible.Yeah he was off but but the pitches and command were on point.
  8. Starlin is a winner.Glad we got something good for Stanton.
  9. I could see him going back to the Yankees.Though I hope we keep him
  10. Man I'm happy we got Castro in the Stanton trade.The dude is consistent!.
  11. We aren't the old Marlins before 2007.We don't trade for good prospects anymore thanks to Jeter.
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