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  1. Great performance from the offense. This is what we expected to see from it from the start. Only 5.5 out of it now, it's time to get on a roll.
  2. Yeah, NFL.tv for me is called "The Local Sports Bar". Ridiculous. .
  3. I have been an owner of MLB.tv for three years now. I started with a coupon and decided that I could not live a full life without it lol. I have very little negative things to say about it. Although the Black out rules are asinine, the overall quality of the product is top notch. I wish I had a coupon with me but I did not vote for the all star game ( 2 weeks free for those who did). I will tell you however if you look around the internet there are a lot of coupons for it. In 2010 I could not avoid them lol.
  4. Shameless self promotion is still shameless self promotion. Oh, and welcome. Always nice to have fans who are knowledgeable and truly care about the team, regardless of how good or bad they are. lol, thanks. Trust me, I don't need self promotion. I'll take down the link though.
  5. Hello everyone, I have been receiving a lot of slack from baseball fans because of an article I wrote about the chances the Marlins have of making the post season. I think they still have a shot, but people seem to be not as convinced. While everyone is writing them off, I still think they are one of the better teams in baseball. The most important thing I see is that they control their own destiny. They get to play the Braves about 100 times before the season is over. They can forget about the past because the future is the only thing that matters. So I was wondering if anyone here agrees with me, or has the Miami fans also given up :swoon lol Thanks guys, this seems like a really neat board and I can not wait to contribute the best I can too it. I really do believe that the Marlins will make it by the end of the year.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here but I just wanted to say is to stay positive. If the Marlins can get Washington tomorrow, there could be daylight at the end of this storm.
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