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Spring Training Trip

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I just finished the last game of my 3-game Spring Training Trip, and I managed to get these autographs:




St. Louis Cardinals

-Tony LaRussa


New York Mets

-Orber Moreno

-Matt Ginter

-Jason Roach

-Unknown pitcher, signature too light




Florida Marlins

-A.J. Burnett

-Carl Pavano

-Ramon Castro

-Mike Mordecai

-Tommy Phelps

-Nate Bump


WEDNESDAY (jackpot)


Philadelphia Phillies

-Jim Thome

-Bobby Abreu

-Jimmy Rollins

-Marlon Byrd

-Jason Michaels

-Doug Glanville

-Chase Utley

-Shawn Wooten

-Milt Thompson (1st Base Coach)


Minnesota Twins

-Jacque Jones

-Doug Mientkiwicz

-Christian Guzman

-Nick Punto

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This spring training I was able to get :


Alex Rodriguez

Don Mattingly x3

Ron Guidry x4

Greg Nettles x2

Mickey Rivers

Tony Clark x2

Juan Pierre

Luis Castillo

Dontrelle Willis

Tony Taylor

Ramon Castro x2

Alex Gonzalez x3

Mike Mordecai

Javy Lopez

Miguel Tejada x5

Rafael Palmeiro x2

Jay Gibbons x5

Tim Raines Jr.

Admin Bigbie x2

David Segui x2

Elrod Hendricks

Clay Bellinger Batting Glove

3 Game Balls

Armando Almanza Cracked Bat (Still in 1 piece)

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I got Palmeiro on 2 sweet spots.... but I gave one to my little brother who was at the wrong spot when I got Palmeiro. He gave me a hard time too about it, I told him to please sign a 2nd ball, it's for my little brother, and he said "I've heard that one before"... but he finally signed it for me and said take care man.

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