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ok here is some good news, and some bad news.


good: he has 3 home runs and has like 7-8 rbi's. I am starting to like him. :cheers


bad: he has 4 hits this season and 3 are dingers.


he has to get some hits because he is not always gonna get a HR.


i wanna see some singles and some doubles.


pretty much I have no problem it's just that it is he has to get some more hits before I really start to like him.


also thoughts on his song when he comes up to bat.



my opinion: very very gay.

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I said the same thing earlier today he needs to start finding the gaps. His homerun hitting is a great asset right now but some singles and doubles here and there to go with them are needed.


As for his song, I agree that it is pretty gay but its also pretty funny to hear it and then see him smash a 400+ ft homer.

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Choi has 6 rbi's so far.


He hit 9 singles, 6 doubles and 1 triple and 4 HRs in ST. So he can, and will hit all types of hits.


I don't care what he plays before he bats if it keeps him hitting like this. :thumbup

For those interested. As a comparison so far:


Choi 3 HR, 6 RBI, 4R

D. Lee 1 HR, 2 RBI, 3R

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