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"It's so early," Beckett said. "We still have a lot of games left with them. We can't just sit on that. We've got to play these guys tough every night. They have a great lineup and a great pitching staff and bullpen."


from the official site....



maybe myers can take a page from beckett's book.... josh is the one who is considered "cocky" but he is the one keeping a straight head and showing deference to the opposing team.... myers may have some nasty stuff, but he seems to have a long way to go in the mental approach. atta boy josh

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I'm glad Josh decided to be humble and stop being so cocky. Look at the Phillies catcher last year. He said he'd rather be in their position then ours. (We were facing the Braves and they were facing the Reds) Look what happened after that. It makes people not like him too. We need all the fans we can get. >_>

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