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Most Impressive Players in Marlins

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AA Carolina




- Pete Bauer, a starting pitcher we selected in the Rule 5 draft, has been very impressive. Has a 1.13 ERA in his 3 starts (16 IP) allowing only 10 hits and 2 BB showing excellent control.

- Trevor Hutchinson, brother of Cowboys QB Chad Hutchinson, has been real good this year. The starting pitcher boasts a 1.50 ERA w/ 19 SO in 18 IP and only 4 BB in his 3 starts.

- Bill Murphy, the soth paw starting pitcher who was acquired this year in the Redman deal, has shown promise. After throwing a no-hitter last year, he has started the season off w/ 17 SO in 17 IP and has a 3.12 ERA w/ 7 walks in 3 starts.

- RP Pete Hartmann has a 1.17 ERA w/ 12 SO in 7.2 IP w/ only 3 walks


Position Players


- Jason Stokes has rebounded from last years bad performace w/ a great start. Stokes is hitting .308 w/ 4 HR and 15 RBI in 14 games. On the downside, he still SO'ing alot - he has 19 SO w/ only 3 walks.

- Eric Reed, the Marlins organization player of the year last year, has started where he left off. He has a .359 BA, 2 HR, 6 RBI and 9 stolen bases. He is still K'ing to much (14 SO in 15 games) but shows great promise.



AAA Albuquerque


- Ben Howard has pitched well in the small amount of time hes been a relief pitcher. Has a 2.61 ERA in 10 IP w/ 8 SO and 7 walks.

- Frank Gracesqui, picked in the Rule 5 draft last year, still hasnt given up a run in 9 IP. He has 9 SO and 4 walks for the year thus far.

- Mike Tejera has a 2.77 ERA in 3 starts. He has 10 SO in 13 IP w/ 5 walks.


A Jupiter


Postion Players


- Travis Ezi, the player acquired in the Encarnacion deal, has a .300 BA w/ 1 HR and 6 RBI.

- Jeremy Hermida has a .366 BA w/ 7 RBI. Has shown some speed w/ 4 SB in 5 attempts.

- Matt Dermarco has a .386 BA w/ 1 HR and 5 RBI




- Yorman Bazardo has a 3.50 ERA in 18 IP w/ only 1 walk in 3 starts.

- Josh Johnson, has a 1.80 ERA w/ 17 SO in 15 IP w/ 5 walks in 3 starts

- Scott Olsen has a 3.29 ERA in 3 starts


A Greensboro


No notables here




I see that we have a bright future with all the young, developing arms we have. This shows that even with last years trades that our farm system is still reeling.

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Ben Howard is a guy I am excited about because I think he could contribute this season. But I thought he was a starter...if they are converting him to a reliever, that kind of drops his value some in my book - but maybe he could be a strong closer. Either way good news thus far...

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Greensboro has a few guys that have a lot of potential its just that with young guys there are a lot of ifs that need to come through


take note of


2B Cole Seifrig


RHP Mauro Zarate

LHP Jon-Michael Nickerson



there are also a few guys that in extended spring training that have some potential as well


RHP Jeff Allison

RHP Henricus Vanden Hurk

SS Jonathan Fulton



and how can any marlins prospect list be complete without mentioning Josh Willingham or Jeremy Hermida


Hermida may have started somewhat slow but he is battling a sore hamstring

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Check out some of the K totals for Greensboro...it seems everytime I check out the boxscore the opposing pitchers rack up at LEAST 10+ Ks.

Yeah I think they lead the league in K's. They have 5 of the top 9 guys in that department and Jai Miller isn't even in that 5. :confused

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A quick glance at the a few of the Greensboro hitters:


1B Bear...21K/5BB

CF Jai Miller...16K/2BB

2B Siefrig...20K/0BB

LF Rohleder...18K/3BB



Probably 6 more players with similiar ratios. I guess thats what happens when you draft all tools type players.

They lost again tonight, 5-2, and struck out a whopping 15 times.

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the Greensboro kids are striking out a lot but they are all 18-19 year olds that are really in their first year of playing baseball full time



be patient with them and see what happens

Yeah, its understandable no doubt, it will be interesting to watch them progress throughout the season. Like Shamrock said earlier they are a bunch of tools guys with raw talent.

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