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Most Wanted May Movie


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2.Day After Tommorow

3.Van Helsing

4.Shrek 2


I'll catch all 4, but Troy interests me the most, Day After Tommorow looks like the type of movie that people (including me) just gobble up because they love to see things go bad, Van Helsing looks great, and I can't wait to see it, Shrek was good fun , hopefully they keep it going in part 2.

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Tp be honest with you, I think all those movies look weak.


Especially Troy. I don't care at all about epics. Not my cup of tea. and I've READ The Iliad (long lists of names and people dying, not a particularly enjoyable peice). Just my opinion.


Anyone seen this "Knights of the Round Table" trailer where they say it's the TRUE story of what happened in history? I was thinking "Charlemagne? Boring, but okay..." Nope. Apparently, according to Jerry Bruckheimer, the tales of King Arthur actually happened, magic swords and all. Wow. I was insulted by that trailer.


And the awful Will Smith robots movie? Seems like a bad year for movies in general.

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Woody is a f***ing moron, apparently. Good taste in movies you have there, you sack of f***ing s*** faggot!? :lol


Troy, easily.

What? Sorry, can't understand you, there's too many asterisks in your post.


So, because I have no interest in Troy, I'm a moron? One or three bad movies, in my opinion, justifies me being stupid? How so?


Besides, I'd be willing to bet the best movie I'll see came out already (Kill Bill). Until something REALY interests me I'll stay home and add to my DVD collection. I prefer more arthouse anyways, compared to the contemporary trash theyt've been putting out lately (not all, but ALOT).


Sorry I don't take my summer movies so seriously. Does this constitute as an insult? If so, bannage.

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Van Helsing interests me but it should be a traditional Van Helsing not some lame excuse hollywood sellout version. Honestly The Best Van Helsing was in Dracula 2000 when he was a feeble old man who could no longer fight Dracula.


Troy will be ruined because Petersen is a horrible director, I hated Das Boot and will hate Troy as well.


This will be the summer of bore

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It's not coming out in may rather The July 4th weekend but it will be badass...


I, am Robot(The Will Smith movie) not for Will Smith or anybody else but for




Sure behind the stupid glasses he conceals how badass he is but Alex PRoyas is directing which means it'll kick ass. Proyas directed my faviorate movie of all time, a movie I've been obsessed with since I saw it, The Crow. Proyas was a genius with such a small budget. His second movie Dark City was ok but he's done some good made for TV movies, mainly for Sci - fi.


I'm sure it'll be a good movie.

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