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From NBC6: Stadium Plan to be Presented

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New Marlins Stadium Plan To Be Presented To Commission

Miami City Manager To Present Deal Today

NBC 6 News Team


POSTED: 11:16 am EDT April 29, 2004

UPDATED: 12:25 pm EDT April 29, 2004


MIAMI -- NBC 6 has learned that the plan to finance a new ballpark for the Marlins is ready to be presented today.


NBC 6 senior correspondent Ike Seamans, who broke the story about the plan on Wednesday, says that at today's Miami City Commission meeting, City Manager Joe Arriola will present the new proposal to pay for a new baseball-only stadium.


Arriola, county manager George Burgess and team officials reportedly hammered out the deal on Monday.


The meeting takes place at 3 p.m.


According to Seamans, the terms of the deal are as follows:


The Marlins must contribute more than $137 million originally pledged to build the $325 million stadium.

Proceeds from the sale of the Miami Arena will help pay for the new stadium.

The stadium would be located near the Orange Bowl.


The deal would leave a $30 million funding gap, which the Marlins hope to get from state lawmakers.


On Wednesday, Marlins president David Samson was in Tallahassee trying to get a commitment from legislators, who turned down a $60 million request last week.


Samson reportedly returned to Miami last night after House Speaker Sohnny Byrd told him, "no deal."


These and other details will be presented today at 3 p.m. to the Miami city commission, Seamans reports.


Reported by NBC 6 Senior Correspondent Ike Seamans


Link: http://www.nbc6.net/sports/3250311/detail.html

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Guest Moneyball

ike seamans suck last night he said: "...quoting many die hard marlins fans in the commission they say the chance of a stadium being built is very slim and a long shot."




if anyone is able to watch this meeting please keep us informed. there is a channel for watching meetings be the city of miami, because when they voted in november to give the marlins the 73 mil i was watching.

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Here's what I think what may be happening:


- Samson and Loria now understand that there will be no deal with Tallahasee this year.


- They've calculated that they can't afford to wait until there's an agreement with the same body next year before going ahead with planning and logistics of building that new facility. These would be done with the expectation that the funding gap will be addressed at some point before they must agree to a guaranteed maximum price. This is key. There's going to be some time between the approval of the "working agreement" and when shovels must hit the ground. The guaranteed maximum price is that legal document that protects the business from being hit with cost overruns. Whoever the contractor(s) are going to be will demand that every nut and bolt, nook and cranny, tile and seats and ondeck circle be fully funded before they start working. Things are already tight as they are today.


- It seems that the FO has done most of the heavy lifting in terms of bridging the funding gap so far. The ball's now on the city and county's court. They would have to begin the process of clearing out the space needed (eminant domain and all that) for the facility. It's going to be very interesting how that's going to be done.


- I think the FO going to all that madness just to get at this point is concrete proof that they really want to stay in South Florida. Why go through all this if they have options (and some good ones) elsewhere in the country? Maybe Bud is pushing them to deal with the Miami politicos behind-the-scenes. I know that the other owners would love for them to move out, for it saves them $$$ in revenue sharing.


- Will this means that they'll have to cut salary at some point? I wouldn't rule it out.

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