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Wilfredo Nieva Cordero


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The guy has one 0-4 game and we're putting up polls as to whether he should be on the team? Did anyone notice he was 10 for his last 31 (.322) before tonight?


Give me a break. He's a veteran bat off the bench who can play from time-to-time. We need a guy like that. You're so quick to say Niner can play 1B when Choi needs days off. You can never have too many quality bats. I like knowing Cordero is there in case, god forbid, there's an injury or Choi continues to look like an all-or-nothing guy.


He'll be fine. He's been in this role before. Yeah, he's hitting .218, but he started poorly. He's hitting .286 since his little 2-20 slump to open the season, but everyone's too busy ripping him and whining about Choi not being in the lineup to notice.

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Cordero is 3 of 18 with runners in scoring position. Enough said.


His defense in left field is terrible.


Choi has demonstrated his defense at 1B is every bit as good or better than Cordero's.


I like the idea of platooning Conine at 1B, and getting OMGNunez into the game more often.

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How about he just plays less and Choi plays more

exactly, i'd be fine with Cordero comming off the bench every once and a while, but not every time we face a lefty. How does anyone NOT expect Choi to get into a slump when his playing time is broken up so much, i would rather see Choi (who is the future) develop. maybe this platooning is effecting Cordero too, (he's had some bad defensive plays as well).

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