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Whats more important for the heaters?


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Guest marlins02

big man big man big man


i hope charlotte takes jones or grant in the expansion draft although i think it might be unlikely. if they take jones, we could try to aquire a big man or maybe a true pg and shift wade to the 2 spot but yeah size its what matters most right now.


that last sentence sounded so wrong.

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Are you guys crazy? If you unload EJ other things can follow. If we can find a way to give him up in the expansion draft, we'll have plenty of cap room and have gotten rid of a mediocre player for that money. Then we can worry about other needs, but I'm sure getting rid of EJ is high on the FO's priorities.


And about Mark Blount. Too often, big men (and all players for example) are signed to lucrative deals based on a year or two of potential. He could turn into a Olowokandi or someone like an Austin Croshere.

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the bobcats can work out a deal with any team draft a player and get somethign later.



tehy can cut said player and not have his salary count against them and their cap.



they just wont have any huge contracts for veterans on their active roster...really they cant...waht with their cap beign about 60% or something like that of the full cap.

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Heat aren't getting rid of Jones and Grant until they're contracts are up, sorry guys. I've accepted it and now it's your turn. We have to admit we overpaid their asses. It's very sad that as long as these two guys and their contracts are here, we can't do anything. Hell, if it wasn't for Anthony Carter's dumb agent, we wouldn't have Odom. :(


As far as Blount is concerned, getting him would be SWEET. He's not only shown potential, he had multiple double doubles in the 2nd half this year. Take a chance on him BUT DO NOT give him a big fat contract until he proves something.

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As long as EJ is here, Wade is playing the point. And EJ ain't goin' anywhere. And Wade won't play the 2 because the Heat are not gonna pay someone so much money to sit on the bench.


Rafer and Wade are good enough and they proved it this season. We need a center more than anything.

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