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It gives me a flashback to last year's "Talk like a Pirate Day' on the internet.





p.s. Here's the link for the website if you wish to get ready for this year's "Talk like a pirate day" on September 19:

Talk Like A Pirate Day



my fav day of all time


thank you Admin for introducing me to it. my family will honor the tradition of talking like a pirate on that day for years to come.

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How much does it cost a pirate to pierce his ears?

A buck-an-ear!


What is a pirate's favorite dessert?

Chips A-Hoy!


What is a pirate's favorite television show?

The ARRRsenio Hall Show!


How did the pirate know he found land?

He was shore of it!


How do pirates know when they are about to be attacked?

They watch Sea-span!


What is the one thing a pirate is afraid of?



What is the one thing a pirate should be afraid of?



What do you call a pirate who poses for Playgirl?

A Play-matey!


How do you keep a pirate from robbing your house?

Fill you lawn with beavers!


What did the pirate say to the jokester?

Aye, walk the prank!


What do pirates do when ants start eating through their ship?

The buy an ARRRdvark!

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Here's a few I made up(don't be too rough)


Why did The Pirate LOVE The Passion of The Christ?


It was spoken in ARRRamaic


What did The Pirate say when he hit The Beaver's Home?




Who is Blackbeard's favorite Marlin?


ARRRRmandon Benitez


Why did The Pirate make his wife walk the plank?


She took his galleon of milk without asking.


How does a pirate measure water?


Arrr in Galleons.


What was The Pirates favorite Bond movie?


Arr Goldfinger


What does The Pirate Drive when he's ship is in port?


Arr me CUTLASS Sierra

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