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Mota and others for Lowell?


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Mota May Become Trade Bait



June 13, 2003


DETROIT ? Because they have few triple-A prospects, the Dodgers might have to trade reliever Guillermo Mota to acquire an impact hitter, two major league executives said Thursday.


The Dodgers hope to bolster the National League's worst offense before the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline, with Florida Marlin third baseman Mike Lowell atop management's wish list.



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Dude whatever...I'm getting to the point that I'm not paying attention to the rumors......


Go to the games and see him play.....make the marlins know that Lowell is wanted...wear the lowell jersey..make a shirt with #19 on it....vote him in to the allstar game.


That is what one as a fan can do

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Well..there are a few options for anyone who's interested.


1.) Go by Marlins in Miami and by the already made shirt...I think it's like $14 or $15......


2.) Actually buy the allstar jersey from last year.


3.) Get a shirt made and you put whatever you'd like on it....$10.

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You know what I thought was the coolest thing ever, though?


This season, against the Braves (Marlins killed them), it was a croud of 25,000. I was in the first row behind the Marlins dugout on 1B. I had a sign that said, "Mike, never leave! We need YOU!!!". I screamed his name like a million times while he was on deck (like 15 fet from me), he turned around, read the sign and actually gave mwe a thumbs-up. I was like in awe.


Just having him know we want and need him here must put a smile on his face. I hope he stays... And Mota would hate it in the NL East anyways... Piazza is here...!

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