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Opinions on Cingular?

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Well, we are making the choice to go with Cingular for the permanent solution. Their 15 day return policy suits us well and our family members that have them love the rollover.


I would like to know what is good with Cingular, what is bad, and what is ugly please. We are considering getting 2 of the Samsung X427s and a Nokia 3300. We are going to get the 3000 minute Family Share plan with rollover.


I know it works pretty well here in the Cape, but I would like to know about Miami and Orlando coverage as well.



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Well phoenix,


I have tried to read them, but it really doesn't make much sense. I wanted first hand accounts from people who use it in the Miami and Orlando Metro Areas. Here in my house, my cousin has it when he comes from Miami and it works like a charm. The phone is almost 2 years old, but it still works well.

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The only problem I have heard about Cingular is customer service. You can expect that from any Baby Bell company though. Sprint is the phone company for my house here, but I hope that BellSouth soon comes across the river and services the Cape so they can compete.


I really don't like Sprint.

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