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Your Welcome White Sox...


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For taking 3 of 4 from the Twinkies in the homerdome.


Johann Santana has had some tough breaks this year, first that 2-1 loss to the Sox and now a 2-0 loss to the Tigers today.


He only gave up two hits, one of them being a two run homer. Wow.

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Johan Santana


December 13, 1999: Drafted by the Florida Marlins from the Houston Astros in the 1999 rule V draft.


December 13, 1999: Traded by the Florida Marlins to the Minnesota Twins for Jared Camp (minors) and cash.



-- BaseballReference.com

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what happened to jared camp? I'm guessing he didn't exactly pan out the way we thought he would




I have no idea who camp is. Though from the transactions I think I can figure out what happened.


Minnesota was high on Santana, higher than the Marlins were. The way the rule V draft works is you have to pay the team you draft a player from $50,000. So it looks like Florida drafted Santana, paying the $50,000 to Houston. The one caveat of a rule V pick is that you have to keep the player on the 25 man roster, or send them back to the original team.


Minnesota still wanted him though, and offered $ and a player(Camp). So Florida got a player esentially for free, who they were in no way obligated to keep on thier roster. It was a lower risk move.

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