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Dontrelle an All-Star!?

Wild Card

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Well, I wouldn't really consider Aurilia and Alex S. popular players in the first place. Aurilia had one good season and dropped completely. I haven't heard anyone say his name once this year... And if anyone has heard of an Alex Gonzalez, it's the Marlins version. He is getting some well deserved attention defensively, and a little bit offensively...


If this team is maybe 2-5 games over . 500 at the time he chooses the team, Florida should have 3 AS's, four if Baker like Dontrelle that much...

Should Yes


Will, No


It's the buisness of The All Star game and it's won't change because they know Ratings won't die if someone for every team is playing. One of The Few Reasons, The All Star game is Not The Pro Bowl or NBA All Star game.

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Well, that's why I emphisized the word deserves.


Dontrelle may deserve to be there, but he most likely won't be... If the Marlins have a third AS it's going to be Alex Gonzalez, and to get four they are gonna have to win every game from now 'till Dusty chooses...

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