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Sunday Line-Up Decisions

Flag Man

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Day game after night... I expect Red to be in for LO DUKE. And Lo Duca wants to be ready for LA!


Read that he will have a left-hand x-ray in LA. That's disturbing.


Biggest question to me is do we give Jack Rabbit Chris Aguila a back-up start.

The kid needs a chance to play. He looks comfortable in RF (as he has in CF and LF in the minors.) Pierre will never take a day off, and we can't afford to "rest" Cabs. So, except (God-forbid) for injury, Aguila IN means Encarnacion OUT.


IMO (and I like Encarnacion) you go a couple of days with the "new" guy looking for that spark that Jack talks about.


At this point, unfortunately, not a helluva lot to lose trying.


Then, too, how do you squeeze Easley in there?


Can't imagine Jack sleeps too much these days. But, he probably thrives on this.

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I'd Switch Niner with Lowell.



The reason I put Lowell 3rd and Steve 5th is because of Lowell's slump. If he's 3rd, he'll see better pitches than in the 5 spot since he has Cabrera behind him rather than Aguila (I like him but he doesn't scare teams as much as Cabs). This also will give Cabrera better pitches because if you are the Brewers who would you rather face? The guy who has hit 2 slams off you in a week (9er) or the slumping Lowell?


I think it will give everyone the best chance to have a good day. True, Conine might not have as much protection this way but he hasn't really had much protection all this season so it doesn't matter.


Oh and Lowell's going to bust out soon, it's inevitable.

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