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Unknown facts about the Marlins


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I found something


Burnett's conviction carried into April, when he and reliever Tim Spooneybarger sat in the clubhouse at Shea Stadium before a game against the Mets and talked about how they were forming a two-man, alternative rock band called "Mad Ink." The name reflects their heavily-tattooed bodies.


Asked when they would have their first concert, Burnett said, "after our World Series party."


The irony is Burnett and Spooneybarger never got to play guitars at their own party. Both had their 2003 seasons cut short due to Tommy John surgeries, also putting their guitar careers on hold. But in their absence, other Marlins saw enough talent to carry on.

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some more stuff........


Mad Ink update: Since word leaked out the other day that "Mad Ink" was in the formative stages, the two-man rock group is gaining notoriety.




For those who haven't heard, the group "Mad Ink" is the half-baked creation of Marlins pitchers A.J. Burnett and Tim Spooneybarger.


What started off as a gag is actually becoming a passion for the two-heavily tattooed pitchers.


Both play guitar, and when the season started decided to join forces to make music. Thus far, they have a cool name, but no songs.


Spooneybarger was a guest on 94.9 FM ZETA, an alternative rock station in Miami. Spooneybarger says the station wants the two pitchers to fill the airwaves with some music. They even offered to give them new guitars.





"I don't know how serious they were about the guitars," Spooneybarger said. "But I was serious."


The two played in the team hotel after a game in Philadelphia, and are starting to take their hobby serious. If they can get some attention for their music, they are into it.


The name "Mad Ink" is the brainstorm of both pitchers. The Ink part came from Burnett and refers to the wild tattoos. Spooneybarger provided the anger and attitude part: Mad.


"Me, I'm trying to sing," says Spooneybarger, who has 11 tattoos. "We'll see. Word about us is getting around pretty fast."


Right now the band doesn't have a lead singer, although minor league shortstop Rex Rundgren is the son of singer Todd Rundgren, and has some musical talent. Spooneybarger hasn't met Rex yet. But when told Rex is the stepbrother of actress Liv Tyler, Spooneybarger said: "He's in the band. I don't care what he sounds like."

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something else....


Reliever Tim Spooneybarger and starter A.J. Burnett fancy themselves as budding guitarists and have formed a duo they've named ''Mad Ink'' -- a takeoff on the copious quantities of tattoos that cover their arms, torsos and backs.


They spent part of the recent road trip practicing together, and Spooneybarger said rock station WZTA-FM (94.9) has invited them to make their radio debut soon.


''They said they'd pick us up, give us new guitars, the whole thing, if we play our No. 1 single,'' Spooneybarger said. ``As soon as we think of a No. 1 single we'll go do it.''


Spooneybarger said they might consider adding a third member.


Rex Rundgren, son of 1970s pop star Todd Rundgren, might be available. He is a shortstop with the Marlins' Single A affiliate at Jupiter. But Spooneybarger hemmed and hawed at that suggestion.


Informed that Rundgren's stepsister is actress Liv Tyler, Spooneybarger was quick to respond: ``Really? He's in the band!''

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Armando likes Kenny Chesney and country music ^_^ and I'm not sure if this is true but I think Carl plays the drums. Did anyone see that eppie of Marlins Strikezone where they were talking about umpires? The girl asked Carl to call someone safe and he did it horrible and she said that it looked like he was playing an air guitar lol and he said "What? Noo I play the drums! And I can sing a little too!" lol it was very quickly and like really off-topic lol Don't know if it's really true though. Oh, and Carl, Brad, Josh, and Mikey like fishing. Once when Carl was fishing with Brad and his dad Carl had a rod in one hand and he was searching for his cell in the other while it was raining and Brad hooked him in the head with the hook lmao

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