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Felipe Alou calls out Pierre's SB choice


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After rookie Kevin Correia replaced Franklin, Pierre stole second, an act that wasn't appreciated by Giants manager Felipe Alou, based on the unwritten rule against pouring it on in a lopsided game.


"That's bush league," Alou said. "I found it very offensive and irresponsible. We didn't take any measure because we are gentlemen, we feel."

Giants outfielder Marquis Grissom said he didn't take Pierre's steal personally -- "You play through the fifth inning," Grissom said. "That's what I was taught."

"I don't have a comment," Pierre said when asked for reaction to Alou's remarks.

Oh jeez!

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D-Train should plop a 93 MPH fastball in Bonds' face to show him "Bush League". Felipe Alou is just an old coot who's bitching because his team got beat.

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JP is putting a lot of pressure on the Giants...I wish he always did this. He has 3 stolen bases so far today...


But he has been ripping the Giants the whole season...and he has a 11 game hit streak against them...


he was the only one to reach base the first time around the lineup in todays game...and he made that run count...thats what he is suppose to do


he is also getting a lot of very good jumps, and the pitchers dosent have a good pickoff move either

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Guest Moneyball

alou could kiss jp's ass............






but a wait jp's on his way to second..........


3 SB's today.

Marlins seem to have rivals in each division. Phillies, Giants, Reds

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Guest Juanky

Grissom has the right idea. No lead is ever safe in baseball, but the unwritten rules don't kick in until after the leading team bats in the 5th.

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