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Cubs, Giants, and Padres lose


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Forget about Houston doing well.

Forget about Braves doing well.

None of it matters.


All we want to do is be in the running for the WC.

The Braves will not give up 9 games in a month and We're just not in the running for the Division title.

However, we're close to being in the WC race. 2 more good games and lucky results elsewhere and we're in the race for the WC. I don't care if there are 12 teams in the WC Race. As log as we're in it that all that matters.

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Forget about Houston doing well.



It's important that Houston does well the next 2 days actually.



What I meant was, don't worry if Houston also join the race (as that would add another team to climb over).

Too many people here are thinking we have more chance of beating ATLANTA simply because they're just one team rather than 4/5 teams.

I say give more teams a shot at the WC it would just complicate it for everybody else - thus better for us.

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Schmidt got the loss in today's SF@ATL game.

That puts him 15-5. And his ERA went up a fair bit too.

If Pavs plays well tonight he has a chance to also go 15-5 with a win tonight, and his ERA could inch closer to Schmidt's too.


Perhaps this post should have gone in the 'Pavano for CY Young award' thread, but hey.

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