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Expos or Dodgers getting help


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I smell a veto in the no trade clause he has

Same here. The Expos, if they make it, won't go far in the playoffs. Plus, he would rather go into the FA market next year with better numbers at Arlington against AL pitchers he knows than go to the NL for half a year in a bigger park against pitchers he has never faced.


There's no doubt in my mind he would break-up this trade... makes no sense for him...

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A couple thoughts....


1) From the article, it sounds like Moorad (who is the second biggest sleazeball agent behind Booros) wasn't informed of the trade unitl it broke on the news. Then he called his client and told him he'd be an idiot if he didn't invoke the NTC.


2) Although we may never know, I think you guys may be wrong about the 'spos dumping salary in the trade. I can't see the rangers, who are rebuilding and having cash flow problems, taking on huge salaries - either in positional players when they are already stacked offensively, or in pitchers, when Livian and the like are older and won't be of value to Texas for a few years down the road. I think this was about one very good Expos player and tons o' prospects.


3) BTW, why would Montreal do this? An aging power hitter with spotty performance, in a league without a DH, on the nasty carpet.


It's gonna be interesting to see what comes out as far as the players involved.

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it was gonna be for Song and some utility guy in the minors.... no one else

Yeah, I just read up on it. Sounds like a lot of cash is going to be thrown around to try to make it happen. I'm guessing the Rangers probably offered to pick up some of his outrageous salary in an effort just to get out from under his contract.


I can't think of a trade with more risk than this one. I hate Juan with a passion, which obviously makes me bias, but this guy is a clown.


His numbers don't mean jack. Because of his age he's a complete China doll. He's hurt again this year, and I can only imagine what playing on the carpet in Montreal would do to him and his groin, much less his ego.


I lived in Detroit when he "played" there for a year. He was hurt for half the season, then for another quarter of it he claimed he was hurt and didn't play, even though he was cleared medically and the FO called him out on it publicy. This pissed him off, so he dogged it for the quarter of the season he did play, then skipped town for less money.


Juan is about as professional as a wet fart. And if he or that bloodsucking, lecherous creature of the night Moorad think he should stay put so he can negoitate a long term deal next year they are on crack. Juan Gonalex is a selfish waste of skin.


See, told you I was biased. Dammit I hate Gonzalez. :banghead

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