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What the Hell


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the marlins didnt make baseball tonite.


the only thing they showed were web games by wigginton and reyes, and touch em all by castillo


jesus christ dont they know that i worked all day and i would love to see some damn highlights.


:angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry

:banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead

:( :( :( :( :( :(

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they dont care bout the fish only thing they care bout is our rookies so u know what i tell them :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou :fyou

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them? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ? :fyou ?

i send that to danny and his brother too


and you too morgan freeman who kicked my a** on the playgroud when i was 6


i was 6 and he was 11.... what an a**hole

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no tell me when did Mr.Gammons say that the Xpos were trying to get Juan Gone?

wtf??? meaning my freind...


you watch this show mostly right???


im saying did Gammons eva say be4 today that the Xpos were trying to get juan gone???



i mean they say he is a Baseball GURU... how come he didnt tell us that the Xpos were tryin to get Juan Gone... be4 today


he doesnt know SHI^ and just babbles on 4 ratings...

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