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White Sox fan right here. Just want to say that I was one of the few that went to one of the games where your team played at our house. You guys are awesome! You have such good players and are welcomed any other time. Though you guys lost both games for the double header, you guys still have enough time to run away with that WC. We as Sox fans may be asking for too much but please stop the Flubs, again.


Go White Sox! Go Marlins! :)

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Thx.. Better Luck to the White Sox in 2005, they are now my favorite AL team.


BTW: What is the latest one Maggilo Ordo?ez? Is he going to sign with the Soxs for mutli-year or test FA?



The majority of White Sox fans are positive he will walk out. We offered him some pretty good deals earlier in the season but he didn?t see anything that interested him. Plus his injury seems a lot more serious than it looks and it may have a big effect on him for the upcoming season.

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Oh sad news for you Sox fans. No idea what teams (other then the Soxs) he'll like to play for?




The New York Mets have shown interest in Maggs. I?ve read a lot of articles saying they may go for him in the off season. Other than the Mets I don?t know whom else. Magglio is a very good player (.300 hitter) and would really help any team out.

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