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  1. sammy is done and has been since 2k4. anyone signing him is just throwing away money. Couldn't have said it better.
  2. A bargain. Considering what pitchers have been getting this off-season, Kenny Williams did a nice job keeping a 26-year-old sinkerballer here in the south side of Chicago. Now the future of Jose Contreras is at stake. We could trade him or try to sign him up for a couple of years as well, but to what his agent is saying, Contreras is looking for $11mil to $13mil a season. Keeping the six-man rotation would be very nice, but if Jose Contreras (God only knows how old he really is) can bring us something valuable, then I wouldn?t be against sending him somewhere.
  3. I?m surprised that Jamie Moyer is still willing to pitch. He had a horrible season, ERA wise, in 04 but bounced back with an ERA just above 4 this past season. What you can count on when having Moyer in your rotation is innings. Not to mention that he pitches in a pitcher?s park.
  4. With Red Sox out, Contreras can be good Yeah, okay. He was unbeaten by the Red Sox this season. Jose is a different pitcher. He works faster and throws a lot more strikes. He'll take down the Red Sox any time.
  5. I hope we can face the Yank$ so that we can take down their overrated selves.
  6. Some fans just want attention so badly. And in this guy?s case, he?s getting it.
  7. Yeah, the only reason Clemens may not win the CY is because of his record. He had absolutely no run support in the 1st half. Otherwise he probably wouldn't have a single loss.
  8. There is no way that the White Sox are going to give up that much for a SP that has been on the DL so many times. This is from the Chicago Sun-Times: There were more indications Thursday out of South Florida that the Sox have been the most aggressive of six teams interested in Burnett. The Marlins are said to be looking for a left-handed reliever with closing experience -- Damaso Marte fits the description -- and an outfielder who can help jump-start their offense -- Carl Everett could be a fit there. Both players also would be desired because of their relative affordability. A top prospect likely would have to be included.
  9. Jon Garland W-L ERA IP H SO BAA 5-0 1.38 39 25 17 .184 Dontrelle Willis W-L ERA IP H SO BAA 5-0 1.29 35 23 25 .189
  10. http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/gameday...t=.jsp&c_id=mlb The game was just 1 hour and 39 minutes long! CG for Buehrle going along with a career high 12 strikeouts. Go Sox!
  11. Either Mark Buehrle or Freddy Garcia. :hat
  12. LOL That Is this a great country or what? statement is great.
  13. whitesoxfan

    Da Bulls!

    Bulls fan right here... Man, these baby Bulls are on fire! :cool
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