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Getting High Speed Internet!


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After year after year of my free dial up account from FIU (god bless them), I am finally making the decision to get High Speed Cable. However, I need help.


My house was built almost 11 months ago so obviously when I go to the different ISP's website I supposedly can't get service. However, I know they will give me service.


Which of these ISP's should I get. I want 3-4mbps.

-Adelphia Power Link

-Bellsouth Fast Access DSL Ultra





-Road Runner


Feel free to share your opinion about your current ISP.

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We've had BellSouth Ultra and Extreme.


For the extra $5 bucks a month, I saw no appreciable difference.


I am waiting for Comcast to come into my area though.


One difference I found with BellSouth. At my old address, even though we had the Extreme (the fastest) there were still some long load times.


At the new address, which doesn't need a modem, I am getting faster speeds with the Ultra. In fact, sometimes, they're faster that the Extreme.


God bless fiber optix.

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Comcast 4.0 Mbps


I was a former Bellsouth DSL customer since the first day it was available in my area (around '98) and I experience alot of problems with down time.I switch to comcast a couple years later and I have no complaints.


You live in S.Florida?


I did not know Adelphia was available down here.

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