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If we get the stadium, a company will probably get

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We should all know that we got pretty lucky with Pro Player. It sounds like a sports name, and was then owned my Fruit of the Loom. It beats Fruit of the Loom stadium...


Parks these days are comming out with names like Us Cellular, Minute Maid.. Not the old classy stuff.. Lets hope that if we do get the new park, were not saying "hey im going down too Wachovia/Miller Litle/Maroonie/Hyzuinga(SP) Bulding CO/ Field." lol..


So who do you think might end up with naming right, and what will the Marlins Park be named?


I'll start off... *thinks of Al Hendrickson Toyota Stadium* LOL... Ok Ill go with Papa John's Park! lol

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Guest Moneyball

MarlinsBaseball.com Field at NBC 6: 5:00 News Bowl at Miami Herald Park at the Marlin Grounds at the Orange Bowl Sports Complex in Little Havana.

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The project is called Marlins Stadium in the tenative I believe according to the memos.


Marlins Stadium naming rights are controlled by the Florida Marlins.


Who knows what the name will end up being, but don't count on it being crazy like Pro Player Stadium. It likely will not be a person unless the company is named after that person.


Roger Dean Stadium is named after the late Chevrolet dealer owner who owned one of the first dealers in Palm Beach County and the City of Cape Coral.

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Guest marlins02

Pepto Bismol Field






good luck getting people to buy ball park food.



id say bacardi or home depot even with that other stadium. american airlines has the AAA in miami and american airlines center in dallas.

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