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Best Bassist Of All Time


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Guest Juanky

i could share other names, but if noone has heard the music, what for?


To learn from your personal experience. It's one of the benefits of being in a message board. We learn stuff from each other.


Very True. One of the reasons I'm looking for info on each person nominated is so that I can learn a bit about the ones I don't recognize.


I voted for Burton. He made bass sound like a normal guitar, and his live solos were amazing.

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You guys missed the boat on Entwistle. I love flea, but Entwistle of The Who is without a doubt the greatest of all time.


The Ox was great indeed; one of my favorites. I purchased the 9/11 Concert for New York DVD just to watch him perform one last time.


I was torn between him and Pastorius, but my vote went to Jaco; his stuff was beyond belief.

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