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Magic beat the Sonics


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Wow, our last two wins have been against the Spurs and Sonics yet we've lost games to the Bulls, Raptors, and Knicks.




Its like the T-Wolves they up or down to the talent they play. The Magic have a lot of good talent, especially if Grant Hill plays good. Stevie Franchise made some moves against the Heat that were just sick and Mobley is an awesome 2 Guard that I wish the Heat. Dwight Howard is a freakin STUD, this kid is the real deal.


The best Eastern Conf Finals


Heat v. Magic

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I was flipping between the wolves & sonics


the sonics were kind of flat and the magic were on fire


seattle took advantage of some turnovers in the first half and built a good lead ... however, they missed many open shots to really make it tough on orlando


the magic came out in the 2nd half, tightened up the D a little and were just unstoppable on offense


francis was insane, hill had a couple baskets early in the 3rd and the sonics couldn't get anything to fall


looks like they missed the energy of reggie evans ... one of those nights and the magic are a good team ... it's the NBA, it happens


however the wolves were just horrid ... it's getting kind of ridiculous ... they can't win on the road and have lost their last 4 overall, including games to the knicks & bobcats


also the suns came off their win @ MN by winning convincingly @ houston


that team is sick

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