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FIU - 5 Overtimes


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Guest marlins02

i knew about it but i didnt feel like making the drive after i did yesterday for the baseball games. i gotta make that same trip 4 times this week but to the other campus. thats just how it is at FIU. not many students live on campus. the majority dont.

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I was listening to the game on the radio, it was just crazy. FIU sent it into double overtime when Almonte, the star for FIU this season, got an offensive rebound, dribbled out to the 3 point line and sunk a desperation heave for a 3 pointer.


Miri and I weren't able to make it to this game, we've gone to almost every other one. The attendance was unusually low, even for our standards. But it has steadily declined because we haven't been able to win since we got to conference play, what do you expect when you've lost 7 in a row.

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