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Cardinals in line to host 2009 All-Star Game


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Cards likely are in line for 2009 All-Star Game


JUPITER, Fla. - With the awarding of the 2006 and 2007 All-Star Games to two National League cities - Pittsburgh and San Francisco - the Cardinals are in line to be hosts for the 2009 game rather than the 2008 game. That is what the organization preferred anyway.


"That's probably the most likely scenario," said chairman Bill DeWitt Jr., referring to the 2009 game being in the newest of the Busch stadia.


"That will give us a couple of years to build up the Ballpark Village as a showcase rather than right after the new stadium opens. I think that (Ballpark Village) is going to be a great feature."


Commissioner Bud Selig had told the Cardinals they could either have the 2008 or 2009 All-Star Game and now with an American League team sure to play host in 2008, the Cardinals' time will come in 2009.


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Who is 08 then?



I've heard rumors that Baltimore may get one ASG as part of the payoff for having to accept the Nationals in D.C.. If not them, I think the best available candidates would be either Kansas City, Anaheim or Tampa/St. Pete. I say those two because: 1) MLB doesn't want to bring the ASG to New York, even though that's the best option by far; 2) Oakland won't get it, as it will be held in San Fran the year prior; 3) MLB will not award any ASG to Minnesota until they know whether the Twins have a future there or not; 4) Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Arlington, Detroit and Baltimore will have taken their turns by then; 5) Washington will be a NL city.


So your options are: Baltimore or Kansas City or Anaheim or Tampa/St. Pete...in that order.


I would like to see the game in Kansas City. Kauffman Stadium has been touted as a nice facility by the diehard hardball fans. The Royals want to fix up the place. Their lease has some language requiring renovations to the stadium but the city/county have problems coming up with the money. There's talk of a ballot initiative that would raise taxes to pay for the renovations for it and Arrowhead Stadium. The question is a matter of time. If Bud is serious about helping out the small revenue teams then he'd award it to KC in an instant but my feeling is it'll go to Baltimore.

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