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Marlins Entrance Songs

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Marlins Entrance song when taking the field..??


Juan Pierre - Archie Ft. Bubba Sparxxx - We Ready

Luis Castillo - Light ya ass on fire???? outdated? i don't remember

Mike Lowell - Part Up - DMX

Delgado - GUESS!! (bets are its not God Bless America) Oye Me Canto??

Cabrera -

Lo Duca - Bad To the Bone

Encarnacion -

Gonzalez - Me Gusta...

Beckett - Linkin Park - song??

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Guest Juanky

Juan Pierre's was Archie's "We Ready" the original version, no Bubba Sparxxx in sight.

Luis Castillo had Busta Rhymes "On Fire"

Miguel Cabrera- "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" JayZ

Carlos Delgado- Who Knows

Mike Lowell- "Party Up" DMX

Paul Lo Duca- "Bad to the Bone" I want to say ZZ Top but I'm not sure

Juan Encarnacion- "Dale Don Dale" Don Omar

Alex Gonzalez- I forgot, I used to know it

Jeff Conine- "Devil's Dance" Metallica


Josh Becket- "Faint" Linkin Park

AJ Burnett- "Beautiful People" Marlyn Manson

Dontrelle Willis- "Automatic Systematic" Fabolous

Ish- Some Heavy Metal, I forgot

Matt Perisho- "Wherever I May Roam" Metallica


Marlins gone:

Brad Penny- "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hee Seop Choi- "Let Me Dance" Lexy

Armando Benitez- "Big Poppa" B.I.G.

Carl Pavano- "Business" Eminem

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