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Tonight's Lineup

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We return to our usual lineup tonight:



1 Juan Pierre, CF

2 Luis Castillo, 2B

3 Miguel Cabrera, LF

4 Carlos Delgado, 1B

5 Mike Lowell, 3B

6 Paul Lo Duca, C

7 Juan Encarnacion, RF

8 Alex Gonzalez, SS

9 Al Leiter, P



1 Jimmy Rollins, SS

2 Placido Polanco, 2B

3 Bobby Abreu, RF

4 Pat Burrell, LF

5 Jim Thome, 1B

6 David Bell, 3B

7 Jason Michaels, CF

8 Mike Lieberthal, C

9 Brett Myers, P

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My prediction for the first inning:

Rollins Walks

Polanco walks

Abreu flies out to right

Burrell gets robbed of an RBI single from Mike Lowell

Jim Thome K's..


Pierre flies out

Castillo walks

Cabrera gets an infield single

Delgado K's on 3 pitches

Lowell singles to left bringing in Castillo

Lo Duca singles to center but they hold Cabrera

Juan Encarnacion hits a Grand slam

Gonzalez pops out..



kinda like opening day huh?

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