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Best and worst uniforms in baseball


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5 Worst Uniforms in Baseball

1. Padres road uniform

2. Astros alternate uniform

3. Mets second alternate road uniform

4. Royals alternate road uniform

5. ANY Blue Jays uniform


5 Best Uniforms in Baseball

1. Yankees home uniform

2. Tigers home uniform

3. ANY Red Sox uniform

4. Giants road uniform

5. Cubs home uniform


Go here for the whole article: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/3569140

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And just when I thought Fox Sports couldn't get any dumber:




He called that the second alternate road jersey for the Mets...it's the spring training jersey. The Mets only have the road grey and the black road, however, I do agree with him that the Mets just have too many damn jerseys (home white, home pinstripe, home black, road black, road grey).

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Guest Fritz

Red Sox home is meh...and yes the Detroit home is my favorite.


The one they wore on Ring Day with the gold accent was pretty damn sweet.

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Guest Moneyball

Moneyball's Top 5:


New York Yankees Home

Los Angeles Dodgers Home

Detroit Tigers Home

St. Louis Cardinals Home

Oakland A's Home


Honorable Mention: Red Sox Home, Nationals Road (best road uni in baseball)


Moneyball's Bottom 5:


Colorado Rockies Entire Unifrom Set

Twins Pinstriped Road

San Francisco Giants Road

Blue Jays Set since there isn't much Blue.

Chicago Cubs Road Uni


Honorable Mention: Chicago White Sox Road

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