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Marlins on FOX


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Miami/Fort Lauderdale: WSVN 7

West Palm Beach: WFLX 29

Cape Coral/Fort Myers: WFTX 36

Los Angeles: KTTV 11

Santa Barbara: KKFX 24


Confirmed using Zap2it


Orlando's WOFL 35, Jacksonville's WAWS 30, Gainesville's WOGX 51, Tampa's WTVT 13, Tallahassee's WTLH 49, Mobile's WALA 10 and Panama City's WPGX 28 will air the Cubs-Yankees game. :thumbdown


If you want to change that....I suggest calling your station on Monday morning and contacting the Program Director and Sports Director. Unfortunately this game got a small share of the national window, but I am told the next 2 Fish appearances on FOX would have them getting the largest windows.


Want me to check your station? Just post it on here. Thanks!

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Yay, I get the Yankmes.




Call 407-741-5115 (WOFL Programming Dept.) and politely ask to speak to the person who decides the MLB on FOX game selections. Then ask them politely to change their minds and air the Marlins game.


Those with DirecTV who live in the Tampa (WTVT), Orlando (WOFL), and Gainesville (WOGX) markets and have an HD box can call DirecTV and attempt to have FOX HD West (KTTV Los Angeles) added and attempt to get the game that way.


I think going through your local FOX station is easier.

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No station changes during this week so far....of course the final list isn't out yet. I guess those of you in areas where your FOX station is not planning to air our game didn't make the phone calls.


Hi, this is _____. Sure, despite DC hosting a NL East franchise and adopting the Orioles 30 years ago you see more Yankee and Cubs hats around, but I want to see my Marlins.

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I lived on the west coast, in sarasota, Sunshine network used to show the marlins, up to about I think 1998, after that comcast would not provide FSN, 10 miles north of me another cable provider did show FSN florida, the only choice you had in sarasota was comcast. So from about 1998 to 2004 I could not watch one marlins game, unless they were playing the braves or the cubs /TBS/WGN. In 2004 I did some research and found out about Direct TV, I got that and started watching the marlins at last. I live in the UK now, so I watch the marlins on MLB.TV. the only problem with that ,is if you want to watch the marlins live, you have to stay up till 12:00 am UK time for the start of the game , becuase of the 5 hour time difference. When the marlins play in california tommorrow night, It will start at 3:00 am UK time, I dont think im doing that, so I will have to watch the archive the next day. Better then nothing.

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