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Chicken little - tough loss but come on


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Don't freak out. Yea Jack made some bonehead moves... but come on, they're getting way overblown.


We obviously had our chances to win but coming into this game, what were you expecting? We had a rookie going up against arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball. This is looking awfully reminiscent of the last series in which we blew some chances to win the first game against the Mets and came back and won the next 2.



We've WON 8 of 12 and we have Beckett and Burnett going the next two days.. Things are still looking good. Plus the Natties get to face Pedro tomorrow and a guy who owned them earlier in the year in Glavine in the next game.


I seriously think we are going to be in a very good position and feel really good about our team going into the AS break.


/drunken rambling

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Everyone was saying the same thing last year when we continuously lost games we could have easily won.



And everyone kept saying that the Braves were going to fold, just like they are now saying about the Nats.

This is eerily like last season. The bad luck of Loria and us fans is that Delgado's offense has been negated by Lowell's lack of offense.The reciprocating process of "Subraction by Addition". Thanks Mikey for costing us about 8 games so far this season :(



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I expected that the Marlins would drop the one game Ben Sheets was pitching. Doesn't make it any easier to swallow considering the game was very winnable, but still, we lost a game to a guy who was absolutely on, and when he's on he is top-3 in all of baseball.

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