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8 games back in the NL East

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RockyMountainMarlin :killthemall Me


Beinfest will get a deal done, just probably not until the AS break.



And what if we keep losing series after series?

I definitely think Beinfest will make a move, but whether its to help us now or in the future depends on what they think this team can accomplish. Why keep AJ if the Nats are running away with it?

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If the Nats play .500 ball the rest of the way, they're going to win 92 games...I think it's almost a certainty that they'll make the playoffs in the NL when only the Cardinals have shown they'll come close to winning 100.


The problem with the records of teams who were up 6 games, up 8, and fell apart is that is the exception, not the rule. Runs like the Astros and Red Sox had in 2004, and the Marlins had in 2003 are not common, that's why people make such a big deal regarding them. The Nationals are not the best team in the division, talent wise they're on par with the Mets or Phillies, but we've dug ourselves such a deep (and really unnecessary) hole that the fact that we can only realistically set our sights on the Wild Card is really deflating. I don't think any one of us could fault Beinfest for being a seller regarding the pending free agents (especially if one of those teams is forced to take Lowell as an attachment), but given the likelihood that the 2006 Marlins will be worse off talent wise than the 2005 version (due to baseball economics) the feeling I get is that the F.O. will have a real tough decision to make.

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I think they nationals are good enough to win this division and they wil not collapse. However, winning 9 more games after the break than the nationals do is possible. Considering that we play them a few more times, it can be done. the marlins are not numerically out of it, they just arent playing like a team that wants to be in it.

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the nats will win the division. they are having that magical season that were not having. winning all those one run games, coming from behind to win, walk off jobs are all very exciting. marlins baseball is just the opposite--- inconsistent and boring. the great thing about baseball is that you dont need the best talent to win a WS(just ask the yanks) all you have to do is play the game right and beat teams that youre supposed to...cough marlins vs brewers

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Face it people, the Nats do not look like they are collapsing anytime soon. Which sucks.




I have to go against you here I think they will cool down...there is no way their pitching can hold up to all the rigors....


Livan is an inning eater but damn...not that much


and Cordero has never pitched this much in his life....

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>> marlins baseball is just the opposite--- inconsistent and boring >>


This is something not brought up often about our Fish."Boring".

I've never watched a team that I follow in all my years that have been as boring as this team. You talk about a total power outage. They remind me of the 1979-81 era Mets (ok,I grew up a Mets fan on Long Island).Not a Mets fan anymore though!

Anyway,the Mets of that era had less than 100 hrs as a team every year back then & averaged 2 to 3 runs a game.They were the boringest of the boring! Kings of Bore!

I know the Marlins are closer to an avg. of 4 runs a game..but this team reminds me of those Mets and will hit more than a 100 hrs ..but these Fish are on a pace to hit 120-130 hrs, which this day and age - is ludicrous and pathetic.


Mike Lowell should have 12 by now at the least.

Gonzo should have 9 - 10 by now.These two guys have been the ultimate power outage on this team this season other wise if you add back the 15 hrs they have not hit..we would be avg. closer to an hr a game...which would be respectable.


What happened to those Alex hrs down the left field corner? :confused


This team will actually go a few games in stretches without hitting one, which is absurd.


This year is too much like last year...which was a disastrous season.This is a carbon copy season.Stranded runners.No comebacks.One run losses. Beckett blisters,etc,etc. Also, we have Four named hurricanes already this season (the most this early into hurricane season ever..as stated in the paper today)...it is probably as forewarning of another hurricane interrupted playoff run.


I hoped and prayed that we would never see another season like last season.But here we are again with the same freakin' heartbreakin' frustratingly boring team.


Carlos's "new" offensive help was negated by Lowell's disappearing act, which ironically...I had predicted would happen before the season even started.I told my brother back in March:"watch,Lowell will have a all season slump this year".


I knew it, because each year his slumps in the second half would get longer and longer ..so you just knew that it was coming.It was bound to happen.It's as if I expected as an automatic, but yet I am still stunned and saddened by it.



So my overall summary of the first half Marlins of 2005?!?


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwn :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown

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