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Bosox for AJ


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Alright, I an not condoning we trade AJ. Specially within our current situation that puts us a few games out of the wild card. We really need to pick it up and win these last 4 games. Coming off a great game like last night maybe we can.



But, the Boston Red Sox as reported on ESPN radio this morning are once more interested in a top of the line pitcher. Jason Schimidt of the Giants and AJ Burnett were the two names tossed about. Now Schimidt isnt going anywhere as it seems the Giants think they can win it next year with bonds back. AJ is a free agent so he was named the likely canidate


With Schilling going into the pen they need a top of the line number 1 type starter.


Now comes the question, do we sell high with the Tigers, Yanks, O's, Bosox, and Rangers after him. (Rangers are always after pitching). Do we hold him till the last moment of the trade deadline to see where we are?


Or if we can get ourselves Hanely Rameriez, Bransen Aroylo, and perhaps a bat or Timlin. Do we sell now? That would give us a replacement, a great prospect for next year and another help off the bench or in the bullpen.



My person opinion is hold out longer and see what we can get. If we make a run all of a sudden then dont even worry about selling for more talent. We need still to get 1 more guy in the pen and pick up a good solid bat though.

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The Red Sox are not likely to trade Ramirez. Yes they have Renteria but they've been thinking about switching Ramirez to second base or maybe even center field if Damon doesn't come back.

Also they would not give up Timlin, he's been the only reliable guy in their bullpen this year.

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heck no


The problem with some of you guys is that you want an entire team with all their prospects for A.J. and imo that ain't happening,Hanley Ramirez,and Bronson Arroyo?Get outta here!that issh ain't going to happen

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